Golic and Wingo College Football Sweepstakes on ESPN 1570

Listen to Golic and Wingo Weekday mornings right here on ESPN 1570 for the daily Winning Word! When you hear the word text the word to: 777000

Here’s what YOU can Win!

-Two (2) tickets to ESPN’s VIP Saturday evening party (Jan. 11)
-Welcome Reception with Mike Golic, Trey Wingo, and Mike Golic Jr.
-Two (2) tickets to ESPN’s VIP Sunday evening party (Jan. 12)
-Attend the Golic and Wingo live broadcast the morning of the National Championship (Jan. 13), including a private meet & greet with talent
-Two (2) tickets to ESPN’s VIP Tailgate before the game
-Two (2) game tickets to the 2019/2020 CFP National Championship
-3-night hotel accommodations at an ESPN VIP Hotel with access to ESPN’s VIP hospitality (food & beverage) all weekend long
Roundtrip airfare

Here’s when to listen this week!

Monday, 11/18: 7:15, 8:30
Tuesday, 11/19: 6:45, 9:00
Wednesday, 11/20: 7:30, 8:45
Thursday, 11/21: 6:30, 8:15
Friday, 11/22: 6:45, 7:30, 8:00, 9:10

Good Luck from you friends at Your Hometown Sports Station ESPN 1570!